Welcome to The Soul Map Mandalas Community

A Playground for Divine Alchemist Beings

What We're About:

The Soul Map Mandalas Community is for Creatrix Beings who have already walked many miles on their transformational journey towards Radical Authenticity.

Beings who value Penetrating Truths, Paradigm Shifts and a peek into the Divine Playful Game of it all.

To you, fellow Alchemists, this community offers guidance and hard won wisdom, gifted through our many transformations, so you can free yourself from the heavy shackles of victim-hood,

and empower your Soul to swing to the sometimes painful, sometimes playful, but always beautiful music of this Divine Cosmic Dance.

The Soul Map Mandalas Community includes:

Two Monthly (Virtual) Circles

  • Full Moon Guided Journeys that connect your Soul to the subconscious meanings of the current Astrological weather. In these you'll go way beyond a mental understanding of current Transits - you'll be guided on how to FEEL the deeper purpose they bring on a Soul Level!

  • Soul Witnessing Circles where you have dedicated monthly space to share your unique excitement, anger, sadness, or whatever else you're going though, and be deeply seen and validated for it by your peers.  These circles are DEEPLY healing and transformative!

Monthly insights on:

  • Powerful Shadow Work Techniques learned the hard way by those that have lived to tell the tale, to help you alchemise your darkness into wholeness.  

  • The Current Astrological Weather explained on both a personal as well as collective level, given by husband and wife duo Veronica and Aaron Dornsmith. Veronica gives insights from an Evolutionary Astrology lens, and Aaron from a Mundane Astrology lens.

  • Divine Relationships that give deep, healing insights for how to find and keep a healthy relationship with your true Soul Match partner.  A close up look into HOW to create and keep Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine relationships via the journeys of Veronica and Aaron, who walk the talk.

  • Manifestation tips and tricks to help get you out of your current blocks and struggles to getting and keeping what you desire.


  • New Moon Shadow Work Challenges

  • A Library filled with recordings of step-by-step rituals, guided meditations, astrology teachings, and shadow work gold.

  • Private Circles for Graduates of Soul Map Mandalas' various Courses (so students can stay inspired and connected!)

  • And much more! 

This is a love-filled, sacred space where you can be inspired, deepen your relationship with Astrology, heal, and share your own questions, musings, breakdowns and breakthroughs - all while being lovingly seen and held by fellow magical Souls on the journey to wholeness with you. 

This community is full of POWERFUL badass Creatrixes who honor each other's Divine Light, and who let themselves shine and be seen in all their messy, beautiful glory <3

Come join us!

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